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[translated from tauhe]

After the battle, Mograine created portals to Orgimmar and to Stormwind, and began writing notes for all assembled knights that chose to follow him. I waited patiently in thought, and he finally turned to me.

"A tauren Death Knight? Unusual, but then, nothing surprises me any more. a former druid, yes?" I nodded slowly. "I think so, sir. I have forgotten much, and what little I do remember are fragments, or half remembered things." He handed me a note.

"Take the portal to Orgimmar, and Speak with the leader of the Horde, an orc shamen by the name of Thrall. If we are to survive in this world, we need as many allies as we can find. I will warn you- do not expect to be given a hero's welcome. You may also want to talk with the high chieftain of the tauren, Cairne Bloodhoof after speaking with Thrall. After that, you must make your way to regain the honor you previously held. You can always return here using the Death Gate spell to learn and share your experiences with others in the order. From time to time, we will call upon you as well."

There was not much else to say, and as others were waiting, I bid him farewell, and stepped through the portal to Orgimmar.


Nov. 14th, 2008 09:46 pm
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[translated from tauhe]

The voice in my head, urging me, goading me, and when I tried to resist, it was like my very soul being crushed in dispair if I did not obey. We attacked and leveled New Avalon- The horrors I was forced to commit.. I will not write of them here. And then, when the opportunity to show mercy came... I will never be certain if I showed mercy in killing my once friend and brother in arms. But something within me broke. I... went mad with a crazed lust for death and killing. It was only when I was ordered to attack Light's Hope Chapel that something happened. The voice, ever present since my awakening, was made silent. Whatever the Ashbringer did, it broke the King's hold on me, and I felt the dispair and crushing feeling leave me.

I gladly channeled my anger and rage once again as I helped take back Ebon Hold and Acherus with the other Knights of the Ebon Blade.
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[translated from tauhe]

Everything was black- the sharp pain of the sword that had impaled me and drained my life was still fresh in my mind.

I don't know how I started to breath again. The black gave way to a blood red, which faded to the first view of the Necromancer that resurrected me. The pain gave way to a gnawing hunger as my body was repaired of it's injuries, and I made my way, shuffling at first, to the most powerful entity in the room- the King whose will brought me back to a semblance of my life, whose deeds brought me to this evil place to confront him to begin with. I wanted to die again, but his voice rang clearly in my head. "It is by my willl that you live once more, And under my will you shall remain to help conquer this land!" My limbs grew stronger as the blood started flowing through them once more, and I found myself face to face with the dread Lich King, or Arthas as he was once known in this land. I knelt before him, unable to resist. 

"I am at your service, My king. What do you require of me?" 

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This journal is a fictional diary of a World of WarCraft player-charecter. Any comments by the journal's owner will be noted as [ooc note]. Events described in this journal are in no way connected to anything in Real Life. Opinions or comments in this journal should in no way reflect upon Blizzard Entertainment. Anything said by NPCs are taken largely from the actual quest dialogs or in game messages, albeit with minor embellishments for the sake of adding a touch of realism. These embellishments are throughly non-canon to the Warcraft universe.

Please be aware, this journal is rated PG-15 (or T for Teen, same as the game)


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