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[translated from taurahe]

I have found redemption, dear diary. In fighting alongside the druids of the Cenarion Circle, I did my part in saving Azeroth, and saving my Warchief from a fate worse then anything I could dream of. Afterwards, I returned to Orgimmar, to check in with the warchief of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream clan of orcs.

I had met this Garrosh Hellscream in Warsong hold; while I did not personally like him, I followed his orders as was expected of me. I arrived in Orgrimmar, and was ordered to report to a new airship that was on it's way to a new continent that had once been shrouded in mists and legands.

I had some time beforehand, so I flew to my old home of Thunder bluff to check in with the chieftain, Cairne. I at least owed him a visit, as he had welcomed me home with open arms as a lost son returned.

I arrived to find Thunder Bluff dressed in the final stages of mourning. Cairne was dead.

I was kneeling in front of the totem that had been erected to honor the fallen chieftain. It was covered by many notes of sympathy and sorrow written in every language that existed, primarily taurahe, but there was at least two or three from even the languages of the Alliance, and even one from the current Khan of the Krenka tribe of centaurs, who had been feuding with the tauren since before the founding of the the Horde.

I had just added to the totem a note that I had spent the past hours composing when I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was Baine, Cairn's son and the current chieftain. He spoke in our language. "I had been informed by several of the bluff watchers loyal to me who saw you arrive that you were paying tribute to my father. Know that you are still welcome here- I will honor my father's words in that regards. Whatever feelings you have regarding our current warchief, bury them deep within yourself, as I have done."

He looked around furtively, then brought his voice low as he leaned in to me. "Follow his instructions regardless of how you feel about him, young one." He straightened out. "I understand that you are going to explore a new land. Bring the tauren honor, hero." He slightly nodded to the side where two Kor'Kron stood waiting. Switching back to Orcish, he stated, "Thank you for honoring my father. You are needed elsewhere, have a safe trip."

I turned to face the two warriors, who informed me that I was late. I apologized, and it was not to long after that I was on my way to see a new land.


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