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I was aware of the necropolis Naxxanar floating above Borean Tundra for some time while I was questing for the local tribe of Taunka; it was finally time to do something about it. The chieftain suggested that by removing the overlord, they would be able to evacuate to Icemist, their capital. The information I was able to get for him also re-awakened an old hatred, one that had driven me mad for a time. The scourge running Naxxanar were San'Layn, Blood elves who were killed by Arthas and raised into undeath to act as his agents. And when I found out who was running Naxxanar... I gladly took the task to kill Valanar. I knew, however, that I would need help. This help came in the form of one of my fellow death knights. While he was not as powerful as I am, with his help I gladly killed the one who urged us onward back at Death's Breach when we were still slaves to Arthas. Letting my hate and rage fuel the battle, we removed him from the land of the living with little trouble. I suspect that Nycodaemus, my helper, also had a personal reason as well- He is a blood elf that was also among the many of us whom fell during the second scourge invasion.

I would write more, but my fellow Ebon knights require me to infiltrate another necropolis- Voltaras, under the command of a rather unsavory troll. Wish me luck, I'll need it.
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June 2016


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