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It has been quite some time since I've last written. I have been... occupied in Northrend, putting my talents to their utmost use. I have seen wonders, and reminders of the horrors that begat me and my kind. I even found and saved a village consisting of cousins to my own tauren race. I performed a number of tasks for the Foresaken, although they were unpleasant. The apothecaries stationed at Agmar's Hammer and Vemonspite were quite pleased with the work I performed for them. I now wish, though, that I had never performed those tasks. I was manipulated along with the orc commander at Agmar's Hammer, into creating a version of the Scourge plauge that destroyed both Scourge and living alike. They then used this weapon at Angrathar on both the living, and the undead scourge without regard. Saurfang's son was already dead, his body broken, and his soul captured by Frostmourne, so he was spared a horrible death, unlike the alliance leader Bolvar Fordragon. And then... the dragons arrived, and put everyone who was dead or dying from that toxic gas to peace, along with the traitors. I, along with those who stayed behind, were spared. Then the queen of the red flight called to me.

Reporting the death of Overlord Saurfang's son was... unpleasant, but required.

Then the command to return to Orgrimmar, and what I witnessed there upon my return.

Varimathas. He betrayed us all, and took the Undercity for his own. The Dark Lady, leader of the forsaken, managed to get out, and enlisted the horde's assistance in reclaiming the city for the Forsaken. I was called. I had been given a chance to redeem myself when the Horde took me in, and it was time to honor the faith and trust that Thrall put in myself and the other death knights. Once Saurfang accepted my request, he created a portal to Orgrimmar, and I rode as fast as I could through the streets of Orgrimmar, dodging injured forsaken, angry shopkeepers, and battle ready guards. Presenting myself to Thrall and Sylvanas, I offered my blade, my runic powers, and my life to repay the debt of honor I had incurred so long ago. The sudden appearance of someone whom I had only heard whispered rumors of, Jaina Proudmoore, gave me a start, but solidified my resolve.

Together, with Thrall himself leading the way, we took back the Undercity, and sent the demon back to the hell he was spawned form.

But my time to write more is short, my dear diary. Thrall has sent me back to Northrend to continue the fight against Arthas, and the legions of Scourge. The time to find and kill the remaining San'Layn is at hand.


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