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[translated from taurahe]

The was not much more to say or do after the bluffwatchers brought me out of my reverie. I composed a short, brief note of thanks to Sh'ras which consisted of two short sentences: "Thank you again for the return of my memories. I will return in about a month, if you wish to talk further."

Invoking my hearthstone, I returned to Zangermarsh. The innkeeper spotted me immediately. "My assistant told me about the reason for your abrupt vacation. But I see you have returned, to continue your work, perhaps?"

Nodding to her, I said "I had a few issues that, um, haunted me. But I've gotten better." I turned and went back to work.

two weeks later

I returned from the field after a brief trip back to Hellfire Penninsula to kill a demon with some fellow guild members. There was a letter waiting for me. It was not signed, but I recognized her flowing, elegant script from one one of my regained memories. The letter read as such:

"My dear friend,

One of the bluffwatchers told me of what happened after I returned to my duties. While it pleases me that you have regained your memories, it pains me to tell you that I can no longer see you other anymore, even as friends. While your memories speak only of the romance we once shared, my memories of what we once were have turned to ashes, and leave a bitter taste. I am truly sorry that this letter causes you pain."

I gently folded the letter back into the envelope that it came in, and tucked into one of the spare pockets on my pack, even as the tears started to form. I left Zangermarsh before anyone could question me and resumed the task I was there for- sowing death and misery upon those whom deserved it more then I did.
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