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[translated from taurahe]

I had been busy traveling between Thrallmar and Orgrimmar on, of all things, a diplomatic mission for the Mag'har. I scarcely believe it myself. By the time I returned to Thrallmar, I noticed green and red decorations had been strung up, and small decorated trees had been placed all around. One of the guards came up to me and said with a smile on his orcish face, "Greetings traveler, and happy wintersvale to you!". The smile lessened somewhat as she noted my confused look. "Oh right, no memory. My apologies. I do not have time to describe why we do this, but someone in your home might." I bowed and thanked her, and went to the wind master. Asking for a wyvrn to Shattrath, he gave me a similar greeting, and then said "I hope you find a pleasant memory of these times, friend." When I landed, I noted that Shattrath was decorated in a similar fashion. I located the portal to Thunder bluff, and stepped through to... a party? I ended up being directed to Orgrimmar to speak with Grand-father Winter himself, which I dutifully did, although... well, it was a sham. The orc playing the part looked heavily overworked and very tired. I tried to apologize for bothering him, but he shook it off. "While I could probably guess what you would like, little... boy, I think you may find it within yourself. Good luck to you!" There was another tauren who was staring at me intently as I finished with the orc, and I went to him. "Bah! All this merriment. That is not Great Father winter over there in the red coat." I tried to tell him that I agreed, but the tauren keep right on talking. "Talk to Sagorne Crestrider- He's a shaman trainers near Thrall's chamber. He can tell you the real reason for the celebrating." I nodded in gratitude, and made my way over. The shaman was very polite and cordial, and he gave me a small book that he had printed. "Read it, and then take it to Cairn- He will be proud to know that people are interested in the ways and teachings of the Earth Mother.

I read through the book while riding the wyvrn back to Thunder Bluff, and was enlightened. After handing the book to Cairn himself and him thanking me for wishing to re-learn history, I had one more thing I needed to do. "Sir, Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I would like to apologize, however, for what I am about to do."

before he could react, I expertly tossed a snowball and hit him square in the middle of the chestplate he wore. His laughter rang throughout the city as he and his guards pelted me likewise.
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