Sep. 17th, 2010

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It has been an unusual time since my last entry, Diary. While it was difficult to infiltrate Voltaras, the tasks I performed for the Ebon blade proved most useful in stopping Drakuru from inflicting a new plauge upon the remaining trolls in Zul'Drak. I also performed a number of tasks for the very gods that the trolls worship; at least the ones they had not killed yet out of desperation to gain the power to try and stop Arthas, that is. There is one thing that I have not done, however; One of the many tasks that I have done for various people was to restore contact with the famed hunter Hemet Nestingwary's expedition into Sholozar Basin. When I caught up with his party, I was invited to participate in one of his many hunts, which I politely declined. While I may be the embodiment of death and suffering, I find no pleasure in killing merely for the sake in killing any longer. While this does not stop me from killing the undead and willing minons of Arthas or his servants, I feel that I cannot act against creatures and beasts, no matter how innocent. Must be the druid still in me.

Innocent or no, I was also called up by the horde to act for the Darkspear trolls- Vol'jin requested the Horde's aid in finally clearing out Zanzalane from the Echo Isles once and for all, which I did gladly. That troll thought he knew about death and suffering- we taught him otherwise, with the assistance of some unlikely allies- the great spirit Bwonsamdi, an ancient loa of the darkspear that watches over the dead, and something that made me intensely curious- a troll druid who brought the animals of the isles to fight with us.

I would investigate the troll druid further, but I was recalled back to northrend to aid the dragons in their internal struggle against the blue dragonflight, which has gone mad and has gone to war against the participants of the wyrmrest accord.

Alas, diary, I must take leave now- There is still much to do, and little time remaining to do it.


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