Dec. 10th, 2009

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[translated from taurahe]

I did not intend for such long periods between updates, diary. But as it has been said: 'life happens', if this existence I suffer in could be called a life. There is another saying: 'when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.' This is what I have been doing; using the power I have to destroy life and create chaos and putting it to the betterment of the Horde. In Outland, I was directed to meet with the main group of the Mag'har, or brown orcs as they are known; I have spent the last few months assisting them with the matter of the ogre invasion they are dealing with, and meeting new and stranger forms of life then myself.

[the lettering near the end of this section became increasingly difficult to translate from the jagged writing; as if the author started shaking visibly trying to write.]

In regards to my last entry; I do not think I will return to Thunderbluff for a long, long time, unless there is a dire need. I have too many memories of who I once was; It is an unpleasant sensation having these memories inside my head. I carry around remnants of a person who is dead and was replaced by the monster that is myself. I cannot go back, for fear of unearthing even more shards of who I once was; revered and loved by others of my kind, it has all turned to darkness, ashes, blood, and hatred. These memories burn like a white-hot needle in my mind; I wish I could tear them out, throw them away, and be the person I am now, and not the druid I once was...

[remainder of original entry rendered illegible by the poor writing quality; and later dark bloodstains covering the lower half of the page.]


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