Dec. 9th, 2008

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[translated from taurahe]

Before I went 'back to work' in the Outlands, I spent a fair amount of time in Nightmare Vale, doing a number of seemingly simple tasks for the Forsaken. Of all the other Horde allies, I feel that they alone understand my... situation, even though they only barely tolerated me at first. I can understand the reason why I and others of my kind are treated like that- It is the same reason why they understand the Death knight's situation. We were both tools of the Kich King, and then broke free of his will. Can we really be trusted?

For that matter, can I trust myself anymore? I fear that my former self would find it horrifying to hear how much of a primal rush I get when I fall into killing. It's almost like the orc's bloodrage, or a druid in bear or cat form berserking, only I don't want it to end...

Bah- I'm getting worked up just writing about it. I need to go and abuse the idiot minon of a ghoul that I have. Gah, it's picking at the remains of the flesh on a leg and trying to eat itself.
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[translated from taurahe]

I was just now jolted out of a sound sleep in Thrallmar by a nightmare- Or was it a remembered memory? It's vivid enough that I 'm able to re-tell it:

I'm assaulting New Avalon, and bombing the ballistas and defenders when all of a sudden, I'm blasted off my mount by a ballista bolt to the chest that impales me completely. Even though I hit the ground hard, I manage to pick myself up, and continue fighting until the ground troops manage to completely dismember me. Unable to die and in incredible pain, The whisper in my head that had been with me always suddenly said "You have failed me.. I shall leave you there to know my anger until I am ready to properly deal with you."

At this point I bolted awake with a scream, sword in hand, much to the surprise of the innkeeper, and just about every guard within earshot, who came running. I apologised quickly enough, but it still left me wondering-

During my forced and involuntary service to Arthas, I 'died' and was ressurrected a number of times. Did what I dreamed really happen? My body cannot tell- it has so many scars that even a scar from a ballista bolt would not be obvious. and my memories of even my time under the lich king is fragmented and disjointed.


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