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[translated from tauhe]

I arrived outside the main gate of Orgimmar, the capital city for the orcish Horde, once the mightiest army of two worlds. I attempted to cast what spells of protection I had, only to find that I was silenced, and could not speak nor defend myself. The full realization of what I was dawned upon me as I approched the gate, and the three guards caught sight of me.


"Traitorous dog!"

"How dare you set foot in our city!"

These and other insults, along with rotten fruit and spittle, were hurled at me for the entire walk through the valley of Strength, the Drag, and finally into Thrall's fortress in the Valley of Wisdom. Although I had passed the front gates with my back stright and my head held up, by the end of my walk of shame I was almost crawling in shame. The Kor'kron guards eyed me with unease, their weapons ready to take my head off. I paused when I entered the throne room. One of the guards grunted to get my attention, and said "You may speak to him. If it is death you seek, it may be swift."

I went up to Thrall. "Welcome to Orgimmar. You have business with the Horde?" Obviously, he had been informed of my arrival well in advance by some means. I handed him the note that Mograine had given me. Thrall looked, and quietly said in his rough voice "Ebon Knight, face me. You understand why you are reviled and feared?" I nodded meekly. "Breaking free of his grasp is no mean feat. Be pround." He coughed, and yelled for all to hear:

"Horde, hear the call of your Warchief! Today marks the firsts of many defeats for the scourge! Death Knights, once in the service of the Lich King, have broken free of his grasp and formed a new alliance against his tyranny! You will welcome these former heroes of the Horde and treat them with the respect that you would give to any to any ally of Orgrimmar! For the Horde!"

I bowed and saluted, and took my leave. It was time to visit Cairn, and answer to the elders of the tauren for what had happen to me.

Welcome to the People of the Free Will...

Date: 2008-11-15 06:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I suppose I was lucky in that one respect- I was simply dead. I never attracted anyone's attention until the Dark Lady found me.

Re: Welcome to the People of the Free Will...

Date: 2008-12-16 04:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
My dearest and most excellent sandwich maker; be extremely thankful that you were ignored by the Scourge. Having lived through it, I would not wish what I have become on my worst enemy.

I am more accepted by your people now- they do not look upon me as fearfully or distrusting as they used to.


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